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Now the authorized seller of the Safersonic Sterile Gel-Free Transducer Cover with Adhesive! 




What's the buzz?    We are excited to bring you the lastest innovation in 30 years!

 Brand new innovation that transforms the capabilities of your existing ultrasound transducer's ability to interface with the patient in a sterile gel-free barrier.
 Safersonic Ultrasound Sterile Gel-Free Transducer Probe Covers is a new product offering that eliminates the need to apply gel under the transducers cover. 
Use whenever & wherever ultrasound is used to guide an invasive procedure. Adhesive eliminates the need of Gel under the Cover – no more bubbles or
wrinkles as the telescopic folding provides sterile application.


Cost Effectiveness

Increase equipment utilization & reliability, reduce maintenance spend & integrity of existing equipment

You will inherently use less cleaning material avoiding future supply and lower maintenance costs

Simply dispose of the cover, less labor or eliminated compared to an average range of $6-$12 per conventional cover use.

With less transducer damage from repeat cleaning you can prolong the purchase of a new ultrasound which can cost over 10K.

     Procedural Efficiency

  Virtually no equipment down time and rapid turn-around time 

Be ready to perform more quality procedures faster which is critical for high-demand operations.

Ready to use with little to no set up time compared to an average of 10 minutes of conventional setup without use of the transducer cover.

Enabling the clinician to perform their ultrasound scans faster and allowing for faster room setup and breakdown.


Use it Right Away!

Product is FDA cleared, No sticky residue & Latex Free

Fits most widely used transducer shapes and sizes

Product is available in a variety of lengths depending on the procedure.

Increase image accuracy by eliminating image loss due to gel migration under the cover.

Remove the chance for artifacts due to air entrapment in the gel under the coder. 

No need to invest in new equipment or assets, simply use existing Ultrasound equipment


Technical Product Specifications


Catalog # Description Size (metric) Size ( inches) Units/Box
DAN-33812 Conti 18 x 120 cm 7.08”x 47.25” 50
DAN-33805 Medium 18 x 50 cm 7.08”x 19.70”
DAN-33803 Single 18 x 28 cm 7.08”x 11.02”
DAN-33803-NT Single No Tape 18 x 28 cm 7.08”x 11.02”
DAN-33825 Long 18 x 250 cm 7.1”x 98.4”



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whenever ultrasound is used to guide an invasive procedure


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